This is by far one of the highly priced couple sex toys but despite that, it knows how to make up for the absence. The device allows video chatting to bridge the gap and make you feel as if he were there.Patented sleeve will make you fell like in 7th heaven. It brushes off the mentality that you can’t reach out to each other once the feeling comes up. How about you have a live, erotic conversation while the toys are busy at work? This makes it even more interesting.

If your man opted to induce more energy and take it faster and roughly, the effect will be felt by you as the recipient while gazing at one another. This is all made possible by the Bluetooth installed in both objects. This way, your bedroom escapades wouldn’t at all be interrupted because of ever changing schedules.

Lovense Lush
Apart from Vibease, Lovense Lush is yet another device to get you whimpering in random places other than your discrete apartment. Take for instance, you are having a luncheon with your girlfriends and your partner chooses that moment to be opportune for such an activity. It is fun, right? It all lies on you to control yourself and not even your best friends will make out anything queer in you. Surprise is all you need to make this a fun moment for you and your guy.