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Lightbulb Dvd Lock And Pay


DVD lock and pay allows content to be added to a DVD which the user cannot view without obtaining a PIN to unlock it. A magazine covermount DVD might, for example, offer a free film and one or more for which users have to pay, turning the DVD from a cost to a source of revenue.

PINs can be obtained by telephone, SMS or over the internet. They can be paid for, or given free in exchange for some information - to allow a marketing database to be built, for example - or a combination of the two. Once the user has obtained a PIN, they simply enter it on their remote
control to access the locked content. The PIN will allow them permanent access to that piece of locked content.

There are a number of alternate possibilities, such as a "challenge-response" system which requires a different PIN for each viewing, thus creating a "pay-per-view" disc, and offering PINs at different price points which unlock either a single scene or the whole disc, depending on how much the user's paid.

3C provides encoding services. We will typically take existing DVD material and add locking to it, although we can accept source material in almost any format. We can author both DVD-5s and DVD-9s; a common requirement is to fit two DVD-5s on one DVD-9, with one of the films locked. Alternatively, we can train any competent DVD author to implement lock and pay in a short space of time.

US customers can pay via an 08 Toll free number and input their credit card details.

Contact us for rates in your country.

Locked DVDs can be duplicated by any duplicator. 3C can arrange duplication at competitive rates if required.


User purchase cost 1.50 by SMS 80p (excl. VAT)
User purchase cost 5.00 by SMS 2.75 (excl. VAT)
User purchase cost 1.50 by premium rate 1.05 (excl. VAT)
User purchase cost 5.00 by premium rate 3.60 (excl. VAT)
DVD authoring POA
DVD mastering POA
DVD duplication (DVD-9 in plastic sleeve) 0.13 (excl. VAT)
All rates subject to quantity and to change.
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Default Lock And Pay Case Study

We were contracted by a UK company and produced 50,000 adult DVDs with the Lock and Pay system.

The 50,000 DVD units were given away free and generated circa 30k + in revenue from people accessing the content.

For more info please contact
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Kide brisi ovog dobrog coveka gde ne nadje majku mu

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Originally Posted by plugin
Kide brisi ovog dobrog coveka gde ne nadje majku mu
Iam sorry I don't understand.
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